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How to get the app :

From Google Play (just search for Twitter)
At https://twitter.com/download/android
Scan the handy QR code below:

What's the latest version of the Android app?

Our Android releases page has all the information on what's new and what's been fixed in this version.

How to sign up for a new account:

1. Open the app and tap the Sign up button.
2. On the next page, fill in your account information (name, username, email address, and password).
3. After entering your name, you can choose from one of the suggested usernames, or type in an available username of your choosing.

How to add an existing account:

1. Tap the Sign in button on the home screen.
2. Enter your username or and password.
3. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, once you are logged in to the app, you can add another account by going to the Me tab and tap on the person icon under your Tweet count or via Settings.